About Raghupathi Bhat

Raghupathi Bhat as an artist progressed from traditional Ganjifa to develop his own unique style On canvases too .A transcendent imagery in petite renderings and fine creations of mythological narratives mark Raghupathi Bhat’sartscape.Raghupathi’s vast  creative repertoire includes imaginative re-presentations of characters and  mystic ideas from literary works such as Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhaghavatapurana, Bhavadgita, Dammapada, Durgasaptashati, Vedas, Upanishads, Purushasukta, Yogasutra, Ayurveda and many other sources. Raghupathi.s art is adorned with a meditative streak.He follows the spiritual discipline of painting as laid down in the Chitra Sutra of the Vishnudharmottarapurana,where the painter is enjoined to meditate on the subject of his painting until he is able to bring it to form and colour .It is a yogic technique to enable the painter visualize spiritual entities.

Raghupathi Bhat.s paintings need to be meditated on before they reveal themselves, They should be approached with a joyous and composed mind ,with devotion, with knowledge…His paintings bring his own spiritual insight to the viewer that comes from his visual exploration and understanding of the stories and metaphysics from the ancient books of India.

Raghupathi takes time to develop his concept and thinkingit through.Research and study of various literary classics and discussions with experts precede most of his artistic attempts.

Raghupathi’s love and interest in nature has also impacted on his art.He uses Natural colors grinding minerals vegetables ,roots and flowers and also prepares brushes using squirrel hair and Lacquer using honey,plants and other natural materials. his work is given a lacquer coating for added effect and longevity.For works on paper ,Raghupathi prefers watercolors, on canvas he uses acrylic colours.


He has made several small  line drawings with pencil and pen while others come with a touch of paint,Still others have their entire surface bathed in colour.Some compositions are adorned with calligraphic markings .He is currently experimenting with kannada calligraphy.











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